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Congratulate india on big victory in final against sri lanka

India champion of world cup 2011

It would have been wonderful if Pakistan had won the cricket World Cup but the Indian team deserved to win, said many Pakistanis who avidly watched the final between India and Sri Lanka and cheered their 'next-door-brother'.
Unlike India, there were no firecrackers or euphoric crowd running on the streets of Pakistan's cultural city, but the people supported the Indian team in their grand victory in Mumbai on Saturday night.
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'We would have loved to see Pakistan winning the World Cup, but the Indian team deserved it because they played well. So three cheers to India,' said Saima Mohsin, an architect.

Though in the beginning there were some who cheered for Sri Lankan team, but when it became clear that India was close to victory, everyone started cheering for India and they were happy that their 'next-door-brother' has won the cup after 28 years.

'When Pakistan lost to India in the semifinal, I knew I was supporting India because we two countries are very close like brothers, so I cheered for India, all through the match,' said Ehsan Ul Haq, an IT consultant.

Congratulations for the Indian victory started pouring on socialnetworking site Facebook.

Zahir Rahimtoola, a businessman, wrote: 'Congratulations India.....very well crafted victory by Dhoni and his men.'

Shamira Mitha echoed same: 'The best team did win!!! Well done India....!'
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According to designer Huma Adnan, the Indian team was the strong contender to win the World Cup from day one and looking at the way India played, the win was no surprise.

'Indian team had a strong batting line up, everyone knew about it. In the final, they just proved how much they deserved to win this cup after losing two major early wickets. They wouldn't have won if they were a weak team. Chasing more than 270 runs effortlessly is no joke and Indian team did it wonderfully,' she said.

Bilal Ahmad, a retailer, feels the final match belonged to youngsters of the team who rose to the occasion and kept their cool in the nerve-wracking situation.

'When you lose two early wickets and that too senior players, there is a hell of a lot of pressure on the middle-order batsmen, but Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli - the two young lads did a commendable job. It was not at all an easy situation with millions looking at you to win the cup. The result could gone have either way if they had lost their cool,' said Ahmad.

'But the two wonderfully kept their cool, played well, built base and snatched victory from Sri Lanka, like a piece of cake. Excellent job by the Indian cricket team,' he added.
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But there were many people who did not watch the final because Pakistan was out of the game.

'I know India has won, but I don't care. When Pakistan lost, I had no plans to support any other country. I love my cricket team and Inshaallah! we will win the next World Cup final, and then you can ask me how I am feeling,' said Mushtaq Hassan, a local.

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