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Protect your Child Online

The world is now a global village because of the advent of science and technology. For this purpose parents should check their children’s for online activities on internet.
Dad Advicing Kid
Dad Advising Kid

Here are some important steps which will help you from protecting your child from bad internet activities. Father should be well educated of computer, so that it will be easy for a father to check what type of activities a child do on internet. Its better if you block all sexual or unwanted websites and allow only educated websites.
Keep your kids safe
Keep your kids safe

Make sure that your child should never read unfamiliar emails, messages and don’t try to use email addresses.
Best parents will never allow their children’s to spend long hours on computer. So make a schedule for computer usage of your child.
Tell your child’s that all persons on the net are not the same they look like, so it’s better to tell them to make those friends which they know personally.
kind am laptop
child playing on laptop

Always make your children to understand the fakes of the net and always tell you when some one on the net invites you to meet at any place or invites you to any other unwanted web.
Tell your child’s to not take any type of interest in online adults and block all those persons who say wrong or want to tell you sexual things.
Written By : Usman Awan 

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