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Qasim Yar Tiwana : Big name in Fashion & Entertainment

In the glitzy arena of fashion & entertainment, Qasim Yar Tiwana (QYT) is a  name that needs no introduction. Representing style, class and making a statement with every event under their banner, QYT Events have done it all. From fashion shows to product/designer launches. From high-end theme weddings, corporate events & fund raiser charity balls to exclusive parties, the QYT brand has stamped a unique impression across Pakistan for their quality and strive for perfection in whatever they do.  Asma Berjees recently caught up with him for a chat exclusively for PARTYLICIOUS. Here we go.
Q: The PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week just wrapped in Lahore. A broad stride for the Pakistan Fashion Industry wouldn’t you say?
Qasim Yar Tiwana
QYT: Yes, it was a great effort and it really had the most positive of impacts on the fashion industry. I’d like to thank Sehar Shaigol; CEO of PFDC who did a great job putting this all together. She’s entirely responsible for the success of the fashion week. not only will the success of the fashion week help in creating a better image of Pakistan all over the world but it will also serve as a clear sign by the ordinary people of Pakistan that we Pakistanis are not terrorists. There was a lot of foreign media from UK, USA and France present at the fashion week and everyone would agree that this event contributed a lot to the fashion industry and showed the true potential of our fashion designers.
Q: A lot of big names contributed their fabulous work in Fashion Week. Any  favorites?
QYT: To me, everybody did a great job. It’s Fashion Week so of course all the designers come up with their best outfits and collection. It’s so good to see such fantastic works brought in by the young and emerging designers as well as the established lot. Everybody’s work was so remarkable that it is difficult for me to pick out just one person and appreciate him/her.
Q: What makes you an essential part of PFDC and the Fashion week?
QYT: Well, I am a member of Pakistan Fashion Designer’s Council (PFDC). Apart from that, I organized three parties for this successful fashion week namely for Ramazan Sheikh, Karma Pink and HSY and that too in three consecutive days. As hectic as it was, it was a fantastic experience and everybody just loved it. I felt so honoured when Carmela Conroy, Counselor General US Embassy, admired my work so much by giving a compliment that she felt like she was sitting in a famous club of Paris. It feels so good when people appreciate the hard work you’ve put in because it provides more energy to complete the unaccomplished tasks.
Q: How did event management happen to you?
QYT: Well since I’ve studied from NCA, I’ve always been inclined towards creativity and detail in all aspects. I love making things more beautiful. Besides my formal education, the feudal subtle hospitality touch accompanied by a polite and dignified demeanor had mesmerized my guests and helped rock the elite of Lahore from the start. But officially, I joined this field when a very close family friend, Nelofir Shahid, asked me to arrange her daughter’s mehndi. After that, there was no turning back for me. The offers kept on coming and I decided to launch my first grand event under my brand QYT in the year 2004. The venue was the Lahore Polo Club, definitely one of the city’s most exclusive locations and it was filled with a chic crowd that was left purring with excitement as the evening progressed! The QYT touch became a hit overnight, with top models and celebrities spreading the news about QYT being an imaginative and highly creative entrant in town!
Qasim and asim Yar Tiwana

Q: Did you get any support from your family when you decided to step in to this field?
QYT: My parents passed away long before I entered practical life; yet, when I think back I recall that they were the ones who made me believe that there exists in me a huge reservoir of untapped potential for achievement success, happiness and greater prosperity. Here I must share with you the influence that my mother left on me. I am thankful to her for all the values that she taught me and the impact her teaching instilled in me. As a youngster I was immensely delighted with the approach my parents took to nurture my talents and I consider myself lucky as I enjoyed all the gifts of life in lavish profusion. My mother in particular, was a person who dwelled continually in good thoughts and threw around an atmosphere of sweetness and beauty; and because of her sterling qualities there was purity and joy and a lot of cheer in our house.
Q: Wow, that’s interesting! So how many events have you organized so far?
Qasim Yar Tiwana
QYT: We’ve organized events and parties for corporate giants and establishments such ast he  PFDC Fashion Week, Apple, Samsonite, Mobilink, Warid, Wateen, Rafi Group, Rica Lewis jeans, Damas, Apple, Chimera and Nokia. Royal Palm Golf and Country Club continues to associate with us and I also have some intense memories of the fabulous shows I did for royal families of Brunei, Jordan; Queen Rania and King Abdullah attended my shows which carried a cultural touch. Yet I feel that there is so much more I want to do. I must share with you that I was born with an unusually good feel for beauty and grace and my curiosity for things that interest me is beyond comprehension. I feel I am still going through the learning process and there’s a long way to go for me.
Q: In terms of your involvement with the Fashion world, how many designers have you worked with so far?
QYT: I have done designer outlet launches and shows nationally and internationally for the likes of Ather Shehzad, Nilofer Shahid, HSY, Nickie Nina, Karma, Maria B, Khaadi Khaas, Saadia Mirza, Mehdi, Salina Warda, Mahin-Erum, Sobia Nazir, Hajra Hayat, Farah Leghari and many others.
Q: In the field of event management particularly, do you believe in the importance of team work and trainings? Is this being given the due importance?
QYT: Yes, off course I do. In my team my brother Asim Yar Tiwana is very helpful and I also have a team comprising of Pakistan’s top models working with me for fashion shows and launch parties like Mehreen Syed, Tooba Siddiqui, Sunita Marshal, Natty and Rachel. QYT has an office in Lahore and one in Islamabad headed by my brother and my team enjoys perfect harmony when it comes to delivering the very best. We have a dedicated stream of youngsters who are so very willing to work for us as interns and during the course of internship their urge to learn and work in a harmonious sequence is very noticeable. Many of these youngsters have moved on to become event managers of value, capable of excellence in their own work.
Q: Do you think that event management should be encouraged as a profession? According to most of the people, it costs so much.
QYT: Yes, it should really flourish as a profession and I don’t actually agree that event managers only work for the niche and saying it’s a costly affiar is just not fair a statement. We provide services that makes an event different and makes it more successful so it’s services must be paid off. My clients are people of exquisite taste and they seek quality in everything they do or want done for them. However budgets are always a consideration and no wastage is allowed to creep in. The arrangements are made according to the budget allocation and that is something any one who aspires to enter this field should keep in mind.
Q: This might be a tough question to answer but amongst all the events you’ve organized, which ones did you think were the best and the worst?
Qasim Yar Tiwana
QYT: I work hard for my every event so I can’t consider them the worst one. For me, all of my events are my best because I always got positive feedback from the people involved or who attended them.
Q: Let’s talk a bit about the competition in your field. We’ve seen some very promising names rising to the ranks like Verve Events etc. What’s your opinion on the market becoming more competitive especially in Lahore?
QYT: Hmmm… from my side it’s always a warm welcome to the current and the new entrants in the field because we do have a lot of talent in Pakistan and they must come up and prove their mettle. On the competition side, I don’t think I have any competition really because I have a firm belief in my work and the diversity it brings speaks for itself. I believe that faith and purpose constitute the motive power of life. One can accomplish innumerable feats through an unflinching purpose and strong faith; by the exercise of silent faith, I manage to strengthen myself and my team and I have no fear as far as any competitors are concerned. Besides, I am a strong believer that competition should be there; it keeps you directed towards more and more accomplishment.
Q: What kind of music you listening to these days?
QYT: My choices really are dependent on my mood and whatever feels good to my ears.
Q: Any message to the youngsters who want to opt this field as their profession?
QYT: Work hard and have faith in yourself.
Q: Your two cents on Partylicious?
QYT: I must say that you guys are doing great job. This is because in the current situation it is very important to develop a softer image of Pakistan for the whole world to see. So please do keep up the good work and keep promoting the fashion and entertainment industry! 
Written By : Muhammad Usman Awan

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